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Foundation Studies programmes online

Although COVID-19 continues to cause disruption, UP Education is here to make learning easy and enjoyable through our innovative online foundation studies programme platform.

This is a highly effective way for existing and new UP Education students to continue or begin preparation for an English-speaking university in New Zealand.

Welcome to UP Education and your bright future!

We look forward to providing you with the English language and academic skills to help you achieve guaranteed entry into our NZ partner universities. It will be a challenging, strengthening and fun process and you will gain the skills for success at your chosen university and beyond.

Our online resource is easy for you to set up and easy to use, and it provides you with the perfect learning environment for study at home. We use “flipped” learning, a proven learning model with extensive use of pre-recorded video lesson delivery, to provide the basis of our teaching.

UP Education have been integrating this learning method into our programme delivery for many years, thus the quality of our delivery is not compromised simply because we are not on campus.

The only real difference is you will be connecting from home rather than at an UP International College campus.

Existing student?

Don’t worry – you can continue to study your programme to the exact same timeframes, graduating to one of our university partners in New Zealand as planned, pending issue of your visa.

New student? Great!

Enrol in an exciting Foundation Studies programme here.  Intake dates are January, April, July and September.

You’re in good hands. UP Education is a leading provider of pathway programmes, and our qualified, highly experienced teachers have been delivering online classes to our students since January 2020 through our world leading learning management system (Blackboard) and state of the art video streaming tool (Zoom)

Online learning
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Enrol with UP Education online now, for the support and encouragement to prepare for your future study in New Zealand


Why online works

Why UP Education’s
online delivery works well
No need to waste a moment. UP Education’s online delivery is a full and enjoyable learning experience and allows you to make the most of your time at home to gain knowledge, skills and confidence for university and your future. We’re here to support you. With UP Education’s online delivery’s rich learning environment, you’ll get access to all the expertise, guidance, tools and resources you need.
Live sessions

Live Zoom classes and interaction with teachers – learn with your class of fellow students.

Classroom environment

Fully guided as if you were in a classroom rather than left to your own devices.

Fully endorsed

Continue progression to university as planned

Fun initiatives

Revised timetables and fun initiatives help you adapt to self-directed learning.


Additional resources to enable home experiments such as workshops for science papers.


Guidance and set expectations that ensure you stay on track.

Online teaching and learning

Delivered through proven purpose-designed platforms like Blackboard, Education Perfect and Nearpod.

Qualified teachers

With extensive experience in helping international students prepare for university study.

Student support and pastoral care


Here at UP Education, the wellbeing of our students is of the utmost importance. We use WeChat for a range of purposes, including pastoral care. We’ll use it to stay in touch with you at all times, and you can contact our teachers and caring support staff whenever you need to. Support is offered by Chinese- and English-speaking staff.

You can also use WeChat to get in touch with other students, to support each other and make friends with other people from all over the world.

All WeChat is conducted in English, so no students are excluded, and all students get the opportunity to practise their English.

Parent portal

Parents and caregivers are kept up to date with student progress via a web-based portal. A unique login and password gives them access to your personal information, daily timetables, attendance records and academic reports.

Make the most of your time!

How the programme is delivered

We use a number of online applications to deliver our University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, our AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies and our Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme and ensure you have the most effective and intuitive learning experience.

You’re not alone. Enjoy real-time interaction with your teacher as we take you through your learning process.

You can discuss tasks, ask questions and solve problems – all live, using the three types of mode delivery:


Students work through assigned flipped-learning tasks via Blackboard, completing set pre-learning to prepare for full class video-class

Live Zoom-based video classes
(full class)

Teacher meets live with all students using Zoom, working together through flipped-learning tasks in a Q&A style presentation

Self-directed study

Students work on broader learning tasks, e.g. reviewing recorded video, making notes, reading text, undertaking assignments 

Flipped Learning

UP Education’s online delivery has utilised some of the principles of Flipped Learning, where you will receive and completed assigned ‘pre-learning’ tasks before class via Blackboard, then work through them with your teacher during class to deepen the knowledge gained during your streamed lesson time with your teacher.

Some of our teachers have been successfully using this learning method for over 5 years.

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As part of this, we use a range of powerful digital technologies to bring you an engaging and rich learning experience, preparing you for university and your future in New Zealand.

Our main platforms that we use are:


Blackboard is our core platform for delivering UP Education’s online delivery. It’s a versatile application that allows students and teachers real-time interaction for lessons, and offers a number of powerful tools including video, interactive quizzes and tests, student journals, and discussion forums – all live and fully interactive with the teacher.
Discussion Forums are a space where students can share interesting learnings and experiences with others in the class. They can ask questions and answer each other’s questions, with the guiding hand of the teacher making sure that everything is correct. This encourages students to develop the skills of asking questions and working collaboratively. These are skills that they will need at university.
While we have been using Blackboard as our focus for our Blended Learning, we have developed our courses and increased the amount of video content. This video content helps students by allowing them to start, pause, make notes, and practice English listening and reading skills.  
Blackboard has the ability to administer quizzes and tests. Teachers have developed quizzes that draw randomly from pools of questions so students can test their knowledge and practise their skills time and time again with fresh questions. Additionally, teachers can give class tests to students and record results through Blackboard.
Journals are a great way for students to summarise their learning and to communicate directly with their teacher. Teachers are able to provide feedback, answer students’ questions, and identify where students need some extra help.


Zoom is an easy-to-use, effective tool for live lessons and our main video-conferencing tool. They form the backbone of our online learning. Here, teachers will interact directly with students. Teachers will take students through challenging problems, explain concepts in detail, and give students tasks to do that may get them to work by themselves or in a group. Students use this tool to practice their listening and speaking skills – especially when they use the tool to give live presentations.


Nearpod is an interactive, lesson building platform that teachers use to make students’ learning come to life. Teachers create lessons with slides, quizzes, weblinks, collaboration spaces for students to draw and write their ideas. These lessons can either be self-paced, which is ideal for students studying at home in their own time, or live, which is suitable for Zoom meetings where the class progresses together.

After students have completed each lesson, the teacher is given detailed analytics about both class and individual performance.

Education Perfect

Education Perfect is also an effective tool for helping students practise English skills. We have been using this tool for over ten years. Education Perfect is an innovative tool that allows teachers to build interactive student-paced lessons and activities. Through slides, quizzes, and assessments, teachers can assign work to complete and can monitor students’ progress.

Find out how these other interactive tools will also help you develop and enjoy your learning online:


provides short (5-10 minutes) game-based quizzes and learning games as part of our lessons.


is an interactive tool tha allows for students and teachers to use their phones to participate in quick questions and polls within lessons as a short (5-10 minutes) activity.


allows students to make short videos and share them with each other as part of the classroom. This can take place in a live lesson, or over a week or so as part of selfdirected learning.

Craig Monaghan

Executive Principal UP International College New Zealand 

Craig is a proud Kiwi who has led schools in New Zealand and across the globe. He brings with him broad and valuable experience in educating international students and effectively leading teachers using diverse curricula including NCEA, International Baccalaureate, GCSE, A-levels and the American Middle States Curriculum. 

Craig has built an extensive career in international education, leading schools across Asia, Africa and Europe. Before embarking on his international school leadership career 11 years ago, he was Headmaster at one of New Zealand’s top academic, music and sporting boys school, Westlake Boys High School.


Be better prepared for university

Curriculum and study tips


In the online orientation, all students will be introduced to Blackboard, our main learning management system. Blackboard is where we will provide clear instructions and links to all other platforms.

Scheduled Zoom-based classes in the morning are held between 12.30pm and 5.10pm New Zealand Standard Time, Monday to Friday (real time mornings in CST). Actual period times with the teacher will vary depending on your timetable for the subjects you are studying. You’ll be notified about your schedule when you begin your programme. Outside of scheduled classes you’ll self-study using our range of asynchronous (not real time) tools – Blackboard, Education Perfect, OneNote, Teams etc.



You are expected to attend all scheduled classes and complete at least 20 hrs each week of self-study using the platforms and resources provided. Regular interaction and participation in class, as well as in smaller tutorial groups and working in pairs using the tools provided, is compulsory. You must complete and return assignments on time using Blackboard.
  • Instruction will be in English.
  • Timetable includes approximately four hours of live classes and four hours of self-directed learning per week, Monday to Friday.
  • You’ll have ongoing support and interaction with your teacher using the learning and discussion forums tools within Blackboard, or by email, WeChat or another platform
  • Homework – all assignments, information and work is provided and submitted securely and privately between students and teachers via Blackboard.


It’s not all study – expect guest appearances, some surprises and a bit of fun as well!

How would your timetable look?

  • You begin your learning tasks using resources provided via Blackboard.
  • Later in each week, you’ll take part in a full class Zoom session, where your teacher will go over content and go deeper into key aspects

Here’s a sample timetable including the different types of delivery:

   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
Asynchronous Learning Subject 1   Subject 4   Subject 3
   Subject 3   Subject 2  
Subject 2   Subject 1   Subject 4
Live video sessions  12:30 -1:40 Subject 1   Subject 2   Subject 3
1:40 – 2:50   Subject 4 Subject 3 Subject 1  
2:50 – 4:00 Subject 2       Subject 4
4:00 – 5:10 Subject 3 Subject 1 Subject 4 Subject 2  
5:10 – 5:30
* Please note that your actual timetable may differ from the example shown above depending on the specific subjects and programme you are enrolled in.

Programmes and subjects available
through UP International College online:

  • Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme, and may include:
    Accounting, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Design, EAP 1, EAP 2, Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics
  • Auckland University of Technology Certificate in Foundation Studies programmes, and may include:
    Accounting, Algebra, Calculus, Cell Biology, Design and Art History, English 1, English 2A, English 2B, Government and Society, Microeconomics, NZ Culture and Society, Quantitative Methods, Statistics, Electricity

  • Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme, including:
    English for Tertiary Study (I and II), Introductory Mathematics , New Zealand Culture and Society , Calculus, Design and Society (I and II), Environmental Science, Health Studies, Introduction to Accounting, Macroeconomics, Management Studies, Marketing, Media Studies (I and II), Microeconomics, Physics (I and II), Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Statistics, Tourism (I and II)

  • Online English courses for Extended and Standard Plus will also continue. 

How to succeed with UP Education’s
online delivery

We understand the challenges of study and we’re here to help. Following these simple guidelines and tips will help you manage your learning experience and lead to the best outcome.
  • Be organised – read your programme outlines fully and put the due dates for assignments in your diary
  • Create a study plan for yourself for the term, so you know when you will need to produce key assignments and other work
  • Learn how to access Blackboard and learn where your teacher will post announcements, instructions and information relevant to your learning
  • Read and learn the flipped-learning content provided through Blackboard before the live Zoom sessions each week so you can ask any questions and ensure you’re clear about your tasks
  • Use the learning forums in Blackboard to ask questions and get clarity
  • If you don’t understand anything, quickly ask for help. Your teacher is here to help and will explain your task or direct you to the right information
  • Be active and attend every live Zoom session – we will be monitoring your Zoom attendance; how much time you have logged in to Blackboard; how many posts and contributions you make to the learning forums. (High attendance and performance is required for your online learning to be validated by NZQA and Immigration New Zealand – for on-campus study in New Zealand)
Our established multi-platform learning system has effectively enabled us to adapt to delivering classes online. In addition to a fully supported digital learning outside real-time classes, students receive guidance and set expectations to ensure they stay on track.

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence for university success



Most frequent questions and answers


The course will start at the same time as it does for all other students – this is 20 April 2021 for UoA, AUT and VUW.

But please note that it is compulsory to attend orientation as well. Orientation for AUT and University of Auckland will be held on 12 April and for Victoria University of Wellington on 16 April.

We do not encourage late starts for online study as the main reason that we normally show some flexibility here is due to visa and travel delays, which don’t apply to online study. However, we may allow for up to 2 weeks late start depending on the student’s circumstances.

As soon as we are confident that the borders will re-open, we will work towards welcoming students to New Zealand. There is likely to be some delay with visas due to the backlog and so exact timing will be confirmed when we know more. We will provide online learning for as long as required while students wait for visas to be processed. We will also run orientation every week to ensure that students all receive the same welcome to New Zealand once they are able to join their classes as planned in New Zealand.


  • Our central LMS (Learning management system) is Blackboard 
  • We are using Microsoft Teams as well as Zoom for videoconferencing tool for live lessons with our teachers and students
  • For over 10 years, we have been using Education Perfect to help our students practice their Mathematics as well as their English. We will keep using this outstanding tool with our online students

Our teaching staff use a range of additional online interactive tools to ensure students interact, practice and engage with their online learning and each other:

  • Nearpod is used for interactive lessons and learning activities
  • Kahoot is used for game-based quizzes and short (5 – 10 minutes) learning activities that are part of our lessons
  • Socrative allows for students and teachers to participate in quick polls and answer questions via their phone: 
  • Flipgrid allows students to produce and share short videos with each other as part of the class. This can either take place during a live lesson or as part of self-directed learning: 
You can use either Apple or Windows for your online studies. We have tested both and are confident that there will be minimum problems regardless of the equipment or systems that you are operating at home.
We have selected platforms that we are confident will operate in all regions, so this should not be a problem for you. If you experience any problems, we will have dedicated student support officers on campus to help you.
The same teachers that are teaching the students in New Zealand will be delivering the online modules.

We have the unique advantage of being a very technologically advanced institution already, where we use inter-active methods, are an Apple Distinguished School and use a flipped learning approach, so all of our teaching staff are well versed in using technology in the classroom every day.

The Flipped approach we have been using for over 5 years supports this as we are very comfortable preparing learning content for students to access before a ‘class’, the difference now is that the ‘class’ is online, not face to face.

We run professional development workshops for our teachers continuously, to bring their existing knowledge together with some new platforms to provide you with the best possible online learning experience.

Teachers will maintain a learning forum in their Blackboard course, which allows students to ask public questions that
all students can see. Students can also email their teacher privately.

There is no reason for you to fall behind, as you will be studying at the same pace as your classmates in New Zealand. However, we will run additional tutorial classes, provide extra exam preparation and revision and we will have welfare staff available who will be dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for you once you arrive in New Zealand. Students can also ask questions via the chat on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

We aim to provide an update on attendance as well as term reports as we do in New Zealand. Further information on how parents can receive these reports will be shared as soon as it is available.


As we do normally, we will treat instances of visa rejection on a case by case basis.

No, unfortunately if you are already in the country, the immigration regulations restrict you from being able to start your online study without a valid visa. 


Selecting the most appropriate subjects will be part of your orientation. If you have any questions, please email your Head of College.

Almost all subjects will be available online. Pease check our website for the full list of online course availability.

Online University of Auckland courses may include:

Accounting, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Design, EAP 1, EAP 2, Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Photography 

Online AUT courses may include:

Accounting, Algebra, Calculus, Cell Biology, Design and Art History, English 1, English 2A, English 2B, Government and Society, Microeconomics, NZ Culture and Society, Quantitative Methods, Statistics, Electricity

Online VUW courses may include:

English for Tertiary Study (I and II), Introductory Mathematics, New Zealand Culture and Society, Calculus, Design and Society (I and II), Environmental Science, Health Studies, Introduction to Accounting, Macroeco-nomics, Management Studies, Marketing, Media Studies (I and II), Microeconomics, Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Statistics.

Yes, classes are compulsory, as you will be commencing your course online, and will be expected to attend in that same way as you would be if you were physically in class in New Zealand. We will also monitor your interaction with the online resources we make available, so we have evidence of full participation as this is important for your future success. Classes are compulsory not just for attendance, but also for authentication. We need to know that it is you, producing your own work.

We understand that from time to time students may be unwell and unable to attend class. Up Education policy re-quires 90% attendance, and a doctor’s note for any absences for more than 2 days. You must email or text your teacher if you are not attending a class. They will inform the Attendance Officer.

Yes, you will have assignments just like if you were physically in New Zealand. These will be submitted through Blackboard.


You will receive a timetable after Orientation day, posted on BlackBoard. All times are in New Zealand timezone. Please talk to your teacher about what lessons are self study and what online lessons must be attended. Most online lessons will be during the afternoon (New Zealand time).

Accepting your offer

Onshore students are required to pay full tuition fee, govt Levy, registration fee, resource fee, exam fees, medical & travel Insurance and accommodation related fee(If applicable).

Offshore students are required to pay full tuition fee, registration fee, exam fees and 50% resources for online study.

No, please just ensure that you have signed and returned the Confirmation of Enrolment form, ensuring that you pay particular attention to the ‘Special Refund Terms for students who enrolled in our Online Foundation Programme’

Study options

We’re confident that once you get started you will see the value that our programme delivers. However, all students will be able to start their online learning and decide within the first 2 weeks whether they would like to continue or defer their offers to the next available intake. However please note that changing to a future intake may mean that your study plan is pushed back

We understand that this is new and that you may not have studied online before, but we would recommend that you try the online learning option and see how it goes, this will allow you to stay on track with your study plans.

Yes, if you decide to withdraw within the aforementioned 2-week period, you will receive a refund of tuition fees paid minus a NZ$1,000 administrative fee.

If you would prefer to wait until a later intake, most of our courses also run in January, July and October. However please note that delaying your start date is likely to delay your whole study plan.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss, please contact our student support team.

During orientation, we will introduce you to your individual support contacts who will include:

  • the Deans responsible for your programme
  • your teachers
  • your Education Pathway counsellor, who will guide you through the choice of your courses
  • Student services, who will support you with accommodation and any general inquiries.

For any other inquiries, we are confident that we will be able to answer all of your questions during our orientation programme, but please reach out to your agent or Regional Representative if you’d like to speak to someone.

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Key contacts

Existing/newly enrolled students:

General enquiries

During orientation, we will introduce you to your individual support contacts who will include the Tutors, Subject Teachers and Deans of your course. 

New students:

Talk to your local Education pathway counsellor, email our regional manager or apply online here.

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From 11:59pm on 2 November, Auckland, the Northwest Waikato (including Hamilton), and the Upper Northland are at Alert Level 3. Students will continue their studies online. For certain courses, onsite learning will resume under strict Level 3 guidelines. You will be notified if this applies to you. The rest of New Zealand remains at Alert Level 2. For regular Alert Level updates, visit the Unite Against COVID-19 website.