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Intensive English

Two modules are included in the 24-hour per week lesson schedule: The Core & IELTS Academic English Module and the Project-based English Module.

The Core & IELTS Academic English Module

This module works on skills development with a strong focus on examination skills. Students spend 16 hours each week developing their English language usage, language structure, vocabulary, reading, listening and writing skills using a set topic.

This module includes:
– Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
– Productive Skills: Writing and Speaking
– Core Language Skills: Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation

The Project-based English Module

Students spend another eight hours each week using the skills they have learned in the Core & IELTS Academic English Module to develop a weekly presentation.

Presentations may include:

-The production of a weekly newspaper
-Student video creations
-Podcast creation
-Public speaking

The Elective Module

Available for students who are in Academic Level 2 or higher, the Elective Module develops English within a variety of contexts. Students spend six hours each week practising their English skills by looking at  range of topics outside the standard 24 hour programme. It’s particularly useful for students planning to continue their academic studies after reaching the required English level.

Up International College English levels and IELTS equivalents

Up International College English
Academic Level
IELTS Equivalent
on successful completion
Level 1 IELTS 4.0
Level 2 IELTS 4.5
Level 3 IELTS 5.0
Level 4 IELTS 5.5
Level 5 IELST 6.0

These levels are subject to sufficient enrolments.

Entry Dates: Every Monday* (the school operates year round)
Course Length:
 1 to 48 weeks
Hours of Tuition:
 24 hours per week
 Minimum age of 12

*  Tuesday when a New Zealand public holiday falls on a Monday.

UP International College assessments

Placement Test

All new students take our 90-minute placement test as part of our orientation programme, to determine which level they will start in.

Promotion Tests

Our promotion tests cover listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking and writing, and are given twice each cycle. Students who gain high marks in all skill areas may be promoted to the next curriculum level.

Achievement Tests

Achievement tests are held in the final week of each cycle, and cover listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing. Students who successfully complete all skill areas may be promoted to the next curriculum level.

The UP International College English Language Test

Available to students throughout the year, this test assesses language proficiency using content independent of the course.  Successful students are guaranteed entry to the University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, the AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies and Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme.

The English test has three parts:

  • A listening section, consisting of an IELTS type listening test
  • An English usage section of 50 questions
  • A writing section, consisting of an academic essay at pre-university level