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In response to the current COVID-19 situation, Swinburne pathway courses is closely following the advice of the Australian Government. On-campus delivery of all our courses are temporarily suspended but our pathway programmes are currently running online, and we are committed to ensuring you can commence your studies and complete your qualification as soon as possible.

Existing and new international students can prepare for their university experience, to successfully transition to Swinburne without having to delay their study plans.

Swinburne University of Technology CRICOS Provider Code 00111D, RTO Provider Code 3059

Our online delivery of the Swinburne pathway courses programmes is fully endorsed by the Swinburne University of Technology, and gives you the same academic and English skills as our in-class experience, enabling you to progress on to the university without having to delay your study plans.

Our online resource is easy for you to set up and easy to use, providing you with the perfect learning environment for study at home. We use a digital learning platform called Canvas as the basis of our teaching, which means all resources are available in one place.

The only real difference in your programme is you will be connecting from home rather than studying on campus.

Have an offer but can’t travel?

Don’t worry – you can continue to study your programme within the same timeframes, transitioning to Swinburne as planned, pending issue of your COE. Students do not need a student visa before commencing online learning at home. However, when the border reopens, you will need to have your student visa to travel to Australia and continue studying onshore.

New student? 

No problem! Enrol in an exciting pathway programme here and make the most of your time while you are waiting to travel, so you can progress on to Swinburne as planned, without losing any time.

Swinburne pathway courses
Tony Cranshaw

General Manager
and Dean of Swinburne College

As the General Manager and Dean of Swinburne College, Tony Cranshaw leads the strategic and operational leadership and management of Swinburne’s pathways business. Tony has over 20 years’ experience in international education holding senior management posts as Campus and College Director with Private Higher Education Providers such as Study Group and Navitas.

As a former New Zealand Secondary School Principal, Tony has a proven track record in leading schools and managing programmes in Singapore, Brunei and the United Arab Emirates. He is an alumni of the University of Otago, New Zealand and has managed major programmes for the Ministry of Education, Wellington, New Zealand for schools serving a low decile community.

As leader of the Swinburne College, Tony is focused on enhancing access to university study through the provision of outstanding, innovative, relevant and effective pathway programmes that meet the needs of domestic and international students.

Enrol with us online now. Get the support and encouragement to learn and prepare for your future in Australia.

Why online works

Why Swinburne College's
online delivery works well!

No need to waste a moment. Our online delivery is a full and enjoyable learning experience and allows you to make the most of your time at home to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence for university and your future. We are here to support you.

Swinburne College’s online delivery is a rich learning environment where you will get access to all the expertise, guidance, tools and resources you need.

Qualified teachers

With extensive experience in helping international students prepare for university study

Online teaching and learning

Delivered through proven purpose-designed platforms like Canvas, Collaborate, Loop and Zoom

Classroom environment

Fully guided as if you were in a classroom rather than left to your own devices

Live sessions

Live classes and interaction with teachers – learn with your class of fellow students

Filmed teaching modules

Perfect for reviewing and developing skills and understanding


Guidance and set expectations that ensure you stay on track


Additional resources to enable home experiments such as workshops for science papers

Fully endorsed

Continue progression to university as planned

Fun initiatives

Revised timetables and fun initiatives help you adapt to self-directed learning

Superior student support and welfare

Here at Swinburne College,  your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.

Student support

We have kept our classes and study groups’ sizes small so that online study gives you access to your teacher daily.

Our online offering maintains all of the extra support features our Pathways courses offer.

  • student services
  • technical support
  • learning and academic support
  • regular one-on-one contact with teachers
  • a specialised international student advisory team

Student welfare

Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.

A dedicated administration page provides important information around COVID-19 and student support.

Click here to learn more.

Additional assistance

IT Support Team

Contact our dedicated support team 

+61 3 9214 5000 / servicedesk@swin.edu.au

Pathways Support Team 

Make the most of your time!

How the programme
is delivered

You are not alone. We use several online applications to deliver our programmes and ensure you have the most effective and intuitive learning experience.

Enjoy real-time interaction with your teacher as we take you through your learning process. You can discuss tasks, ask questions, and solve problems live.

Our digital platforms

Powerful digital technologies are used to bring you an engaging and rich learning experience,

preparing you for university and your future in Australia.


Canvas is our central learning management system,  powerhouse of course organization, resource management, student guidance, and personalized learning.

Because Canvas is a web-based system, it does not need to be installed on your computer.

Learn more on:


We are using Collaborate as our main video conferencing tool for live lessons with our teachers and students. 

It’s a versatile application that allows students and teachers to communicate in real-time and facilitates:

  • sharing of files, applications and screen
  • polls to receive feedback
  • break-out rooms for group work 
Our teaching staff also use a range of additional online tools to ensure students interact, practice and engage with their online learning and each other:


Used for interactive and real-time feedback on teaching and learning activities. 


our alternative video conferencing tool for student group-work or other collaborative activities. 


Curriculum and study tips


  • In the week prior to your course starting, an online Orientation session will be held. This session will provide information on your course and how to manage your enrolment.
  • During our online orientation, you will receive clear guidelines about how to study online and what support and resources you will receive.
  • All students will be introduced to Canvas, our main learning management system. This is where we will provide clear instructions and links to other relevant online learning tools.

Hours & timetable

  • Timetables will include approximately six hours of streamed lessons and two hours of self-directed study per day, Monday to Friday.
  • Scheduled Canvas lessons are held between 8:30am and 6:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.
  • Actual lesson times with the teacher will vary depending on the timetable for the units the student is studying.
  • Students will be notified about their schedule when they begin their programme and are required to do additional self-directed study outside of these allocated online hours.
  • The teaching programme remains the same – there are no changes to the programme dates, duration of the course, assessment items, content or quality of learning.
  • Timetable examples:


  • You are expected to attend all scheduled classes and complete at least 8 to 10 hours each week of self-study using the platforms and resources provided.
  • Regular interaction and participation in class, as well as in smaller tutorial groups and working in pairs using the tools provided, is compulsory.
  • You must complete and return assignments on time.


  • All formative and formal assessments will be delivered and submitted via Canvas. 
  • Formal assessments have been designed for online delivery. Depending on the unit, examples may include submission of an essay, quizzes, project work or live oral presentations that will be recorded within the web conferencing tool.


  • Instruction will be in English.
  • Timetable includes between 24 to 30 hours of live classes and 8 to 10 hours of self-directed learning per week, Monday to Friday.
  • Classes are a maximum of 22 students each, with small numbers for tutorial groups.
  • Homework – all assignments, information and work are provided and submitted securely and privately between students and teachers via Canvas.
It's not all study - expect guest appearances, some surprises, and a bit of fun as well!
You are in good hands. Swinburne College is a leading provider of pathway programmes, and our qualified, highly experienced teachers have been delivering online classes successfully through our world leading learning management system: Canvas.

We understand the challenges of study and we’re here to help. Following these simple guidelines and tips will help you manage your learning experience and lead to the best outcome.

  • Be organised – read your programme outlines fully and put the due dates for assignments in your diary
  • Create a study plan for yourself for the term, so you know when you will need to produce key assignments and other work
  • Learn how to access your platform and where your teacher will post announcements, instructions, and information relevant to your learning
  • Read and learn the flipped-learning content provided before the live sessions each week so you can ask any questions and ensure you’re clear about your tasks
  • Use the learning forums to ask questions and get clarity
  • If you don’t understand anything, quickly ask for help. Your teacher is here to help and will explain your task or direct you to the right information
  • Be proactive and attend every live session – we will be monitoring your Zoom attendance; how much time you have logged in; how many posts and contributions you make to the learning forums.

Our established multi-platform learning system has effectively enabled us to adapt to delivering classes online. In addition to a fully supported digital learning outside real-time classes, students receive guidance and set expectations to ensure they stay on track.

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence for university success



Most frequent questions and answers

We are excited to welcome you to join our upcoming intake where you will begin your course online ahead of joining us face to face once borders re-open. As we know that this may seem quite different for you and your family, we have prepared a list of questions and answers which will hopefully address some of these, but you can reach out to us directly if there is anything else that we can help with.

The course will start on 28 June 2021 for Foundation Studies, UniLink Bridging and UniLink Diploma students. Students in the Postgraduate Qualifying Program will start on 2 August 2021.

We can accept late starts for online study up until 9 July for Foundation, UniLink Bridging and UniLink Diploma. However, we discourage this as you would be expected to catch up any coursework that you have missed.

  • Our central LMS (Learning Management System) is Canvas.
  • We are using Collaborate as our main video conferencing tool for live lessons with our teachers and students.
  • Our teaching staff use a range of additional online tools to ensure students interact, practise and engage with their online learning and each other:
    • Loop is used for interactive feedback on teaching and learning activities.
    • Zoom is our alternative videoconferencing tool for student group-work or other collaborative activities.

You can use either Apple or Windows for your online studies. We have tested both and are confident that there will be minimum problems regardless of the equipment or systems that you are operating at home.

We have selected platforms that we are confident will operate in all regions, so this should not be a problem for you. We have active students from a wide-range of locations currently accessing our systems from abroad. If you experience any problems, we will have dedicated student support staff on campus to help you. Contact our dedicated IT support team: +61 3 9214 5000 / servicedesk@swin.edu.au

No, as a Swinburne student you get free access to Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suites. This is all you need to complete your coursework.

Yes, you will have assignments just like if you were physically in Australia. These will be submitted through Canvas (Swinburne’s Learning Management System).

The same teachers that are teaching the students in Australia will be delivering the online modules.

Teachers will maintain a discussion thread in their Canvas course, which allows students to ask public questions that all students can see. Students can also message staff privately through Canvas or direct email.

There is no reason for you to fall behind as you will be studying at the same pace as your classmates in Australia. You will be able to easily track your progress as your tuition will be separated into weekly activities. If you do feel you are falling behind, we have a range of experienced academic support staff on hand to assist you.

We have the unique advantage of being a very technologically advanced institution already.

The teaching team in particular, are very well prepared for online delivery. The majority of our staff have completed Higher Education study related to online delivery techniques and effective use of technology. In addition, a number of our academic team members currently hold academic positions in Swinburne Online.

All subjects will be offered online.

Foundation students will study four common units in Stage 1 and one discipline-specific unit (e.g. Marketing for Business students). The four common Stage 1 units are Academic Communication A, Innovation and Change, Introductory Mathematics and Information Technology. Foundation Stage 2 will consist of four discipline-specific units.

UniLink (8 Month Diploma) students will study four discipline-specific units and Stages 1 and 2.

The majority of subjects in your course will be compulsory. If electives are available, you will be able to select these units online through our student portal.

No, failed units will not appear on your transcripts while you are studying online due to COVID-19.

Yes, it is expected that you attend all scheduled classes the same way as you would if you were physically on campus in Australia. We will take attendance and we will also monitor your interaction with the online resources we make available, so we have evidence of full participation as this is important for your future success.

Please note that once you obtain your student visa and join classes in Australia, you will need to comply with attendance requirements and conditions attached to your student visa. Attendance requirements can be found here

We understand that from time-to-time students may be unwell and unable to attend class. A doctor’s note for any absences of more than 2 days is required. Any assignment extensions due to illness need to be supported by medical evidence. If a class is missed, all teaching and learning materials for that session will be available online from the day of delivery.

Yes, all students will follow the same timetable regardless of their location.

  • Foundation Studies programs will all be timetabled in the 11.30 – 6.30pm slot.
  • These students will be mainly onshore students so that should be fine.
  • UniLink programs will have 3 options – On campus, online AM and online PM.
  • The exception may be for students in the UniLink Bridging Course – students may have one morning slot.
  • International students will be directed to the online PM option. If they choose the wrong option, this can be corrected.

Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and available for playback immediately after delivery. You can self-manage your study but time with your tutor will need to be arranged so you receive regular feedback on your progress.

We are considering acceptance of alternatives here as well, and will be in touch as soon as we can confirm what we can accept.

In addition to our normal equivalencies, we have also decided to accept the Duolingo English test, Linguaskill General & TOEFL iBT Home Version, using the scores that you can find here:

English Test

Overall Score

Equivalent IELTS Score

Linguaskill – General

Overall score of 140–159 with no band less than 120

Overall 5.5

No individual band below 5.0

Duolingo English Test

Overall score of 85-90

Linguaskill – General

Overall score of 160–179 with no band less than 140

Overall 6.0

No individual band below 5.5

TOEFL iBT Home-Based Edition Test


TOEFL iBT: minimum score 65 (no band less than 15)


Overall 5.5

No individual band below 5.0

TOEFL iBT Home-Based Edition Test


TOEFL iBT: minimum score 75 (no band less than 17)


Overall 6.0

No individual band below 5.5

While the Duolingo/Linguaskill English Test has been approved for entry to Swinburne, it may not satisfy visa requirements for an Australian student visa. You may be required to take an additional language test to qualify for a student visa. Any questions related to student visas for study in Australia should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs nearer the time of your student visa application.

You are advised to contact Swinburne Learning and Academic Skills (LAS) Centre for additional support throughout your study at Swinburne. Please click here for further information.

The university has made available additional language support for you. This is an additional service that Swinburne provides to you at no cost and a service that will not impact the duration of your study with us. If you inform the university that you need additional support, you will be required to undergo a Versant test to determine the level of language support.

As soon as we are confident that the borders will re-open, we will work towards welcoming students to Australia. We will teach out the semester that you are studying online so that all students can join face to face at the beginning of the following semester together.

Please note that there is likely to be a delay with visa processing due to the backlog of applications. Our goal is that this will allow enough time for students to obtain visas in time for the following semester’s intake. However, we will commit to providing online learning for as long as required while students wait for visas to be processed. 

We understand that this is new and that you may not have studied online before, but we would recommend that you try the online learning option and see how it goes, this will allow you to stay on track with your study plans.

We’re confident that once you get started you will see the value that our programme delivers. All students will be able to commence their learning online. If you experience difficulties with accessing the online course material, you have some different options around deferral, depending on when you decide to do so.

A: If you choose to defer before course commencement, we will transfer your offer, Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and any fees paid to the next available intake.

B: If you choose to defer after course commencement, you must do so before the census date (23 July 2021). We will transfer your enrolment, CoE and any fees paid to the next available intake.

C: If you choose to defer after commencement and after the census date, you can do so, but you will incur the cost of the tuition fee for the first semester of your course.

Please note that changing to a future intake may mean that your whole study plan is delayed. If you wish to withdraw and defer to a future intake, you must advise the Admissions team (international@swin.edu.au) before the census date.

If you would prefer to defer your offer to a later intake, our courses will also run in October 2021 for Foundation Studies, UniLink Bridging and UniLink Diploma. We are unable to confirm at this time when face-to-face delivery will be available as we must follow guidelines set by the Australian Government. You can view up to date information here.

In the case of commencement of studies by remote learning, we require you to have been issued your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) – although this means that you need to prepare further in advance for your remote learning studies, it will reduce the risk of a visa rejection. 

In order to ensure that you have the best chance of obtaining your visa quickly once you commence, we expect students to submit their visa application within the first week of commencement. However, we acknowledge that even once we have issued the CoE, there is still a small possibility that some students may have their visas refused, in which case, we will provide a full refund of the course fees whether you have already studied part of your course or not.

No, unfortunately if you are already in the country, the immigration regulations restrict you from being able to start your online study without a valid visa. You cannot commence study onshore unless you have a valid visa that allows you to study in a formal course. If you hold a valid student visa and are already in Australia, you can apply as normal.

Yes, please pay all fees as indicated on the offer letter.

No, you only need to sign & submit your Offer Acceptance Form to confirm your acceptance and you will be issued with your Confirmation of Enrolment.

Any scholarships issued for pathway programmes can be deferred for the next preferred intake.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss, please contact our student support team. During orientation, we will introduce you to your individual support contacts who will include: 

  • The Dean responsible for your programme
  • Programme Managers responsible for teaching staff
  • Your teachers
  • Our International Support Pathways Support staff and International Advisory Team.
  • Student services, who will support you with accommodation and any general inquiries

For any other inquiries, we are confident that we will be able to answer all of your questions during our orientation programme, but please reach out to your agent or our Swinburne Admissions team if you’d like to speak to someone


Key contacts

Enrolled students:

For general inquiries, email our Pathways Support Team.

During orientation, we will introduce you to your individual support contacts who will include the Tutors, Subject Teachers and Deans of your course.

Future students:

Talk to your local pathway counsellor, email our regional manager or apply online here.

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From 11:59pm on 2 November, Auckland, the Northwest Waikato (including Hamilton), and the Upper Northland are at Alert Level 3. Students will continue their studies online. For certain courses, onsite learning will resume under strict Level 3 guidelines. You will be notified if this applies to you. The rest of New Zealand remains at Alert Level 2. For regular Alert Level updates, visit the Unite Against COVID-19 website.