UP English for Future Studies (UPEFS)

This programme is registered as ‘Intensive General English’ with NZQA.

Study English with UP International College
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A leading college for international students, UP International College offers  a flexible and innovative intensive English language programme to provide the academic language skills you need for tertiary study.

UP English for Future Studies

UP English for Future Studies, registered as ‘Intensive General English’ with NZQA, offers an English course that prepares students who wish to pursue their academic studies in New Zealand for success. The programme is aimed at providing learners with the skills to study effectively in an academic setting.  

It will provide targeted preparation for Foundation and other academic courses and will be tailored to individual students’ needs to ensure a higher level of language acquisition. 

Any student who wishes to continue their studies in Foundation, a school programme or a vocational college and are looking to improve their English beforehand, would benefit from studying in this programme.

UP International College* is located at 345 Queen Street in central Auckland.

* UP International College New Zealand is registered as a secondary school.

Central location with excellent facilities

In the heart of central Auckland, UP International College is close to public transport and accommodation options. It’s also near the University of Auckland, AUT, Yoobee Colleges and New Zealand School of Tourism. The campus is fully equipped with modern air-conditioned classrooms, computer rooms, a student common room with cafeteria, student learning centre and library.

Qualified teachers

All UP International College teachers are fully qualified and registered with the New Zealand Teachers’ Council. They are experienced specialist teachers who provide a caring and supportive learning environment, using interactive lessons and lots of personal attention to help students achieve their learning goals.

A choice of activities

We encourage you to make the most of your time in New Zealand so we offer lots of activities beyond the classroom. School staff and tour operators organise sightseeing excursions while our International Student Club offers everything from basketball, badminton and cooking classes to chess and performing arts. Our Student Learning Centre is open on Saturdays for self-study and socialising.



More than just English preparation

The focus of UPEFS will primarily be on academic English and will also include:

  • teaching of campus and classroom language
  • development of critical thinking skills
  • providing strategies which will enable students to work confidently and effectively in an academic environment
  • development of new digital competencies
  • exploration of New Zealand English and culture

Entry requirement

In order to enrol into UPEFS, students will need to meet the minimum English requirement of IELTS 3.0 or equivalent. 

UPEFS is not suitable for absolute or false beginners, learners who have had no or limited experience of learning English. Students who join this programme should be able to understand basic instructions and participate in a simple exchange of information in English. On the day, students will be assessed to determine their suitability for language studies in our programme. 

Four-level academic English programme






Entry to Foundation*


12 weeks

Basic user

A1 – A2

3.0 – 4.0


Level 1

12 weeks

From basic to independent user

A2 – B1

4.0 – 4.5

Extended Foundation Programme

Level 2

12 weeks

Independent user

B1 – B2

4.5 – 5.5

Standard Foundation Programme

Level 3

12 weeks

Independent user


5.5 – 6.0

Accelerated Foundation Programme

*Entry is subject to also meeting the academic requirements as set by UP Education.




To ensure that students are placed into the most appropriate level, an assessment of their English literacy and skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking will be done in Week One of the programme. 

An initial placement assessment will be completed by all new students on the first day of their arrival and they will be able to begin their studies the next day. 

To confirm the accuracy of the placement decision, a series of classroom observations and an interview at the end of Week One will be undertaken by experienced staff. 

If need be, the student will be transferred into a more suitable class. In an event where a student does not meet the minimum language requirement (for example, a beginner level), and is unable to join our programme, we will advise an appropriate course of action to the student and their agent.


Progression between the levels within the programme is based on students’ completion of all units in that level and a coursework portfolio. This will be determined by a learner’s performance in all tests in that level. 
  • A minimum of 60% will be required in each assessment to qualify for a promotion at the end of the level. 
  • An attendance rate of at least 95% will be expected as good attendance is an indicator of a student’s commitment to their academic goals. 
  Provided that students meet these requirements, their progression to the next English level or our Foundation course* is guaranteed.  Students progressing to our vocational programmes* may be required to provide evidence of English proficiency as per the NZQA guidelines. Learn more about programme requirements here.

*Entry is subject to also meeting the academic requirements as set by UP Education.

UP International College

English Language Test

Available to students throughout the year, this test assesses language proficiency using content at independent of the course. Successful students are guaranteed entry* to the University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, the AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies and Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme.

The test has three parts:

  • Listening, consisting of an IELTS-type listening test
  • English usage, with 50 questions
  • Writing, consisting of an academic essay at pre-university level

*Entry is subject to also meeting the academic requirements as set by UP Education.



Hours of teaching

The programme combines 21 hours of English with 4 hours of module work per week. English classes are delivered both face-to-face in a classroom environment and through a digital platform that supports guided and self-guided online leaning. 

Each day ends with Flexible Learning time during which students can learn at their own pace or work on an individual or group project, and still have the teacher available to answer questions and help with the work.

Each week will end with Online Fridays, which means that students will access their classes online from home. Having weekly classes online will help students develop a set of digital skills and learn English through methodology different from classroom teaching.

To ensure that students in our programme are well informed about further academic studies, we have designed “taster” modules which provide great introduction into various subject areas, such as Maths, Science, Business, and Art and Design. Some modules focus on a specific skill-areas and provide students with new learning opportunities, such as oral presentation skills, creative writing, or understanding fiction. Each module is 3 weeks long and is taught by an experienced Foundation teacher at UP International College.

Online delivery

While New Zealand’s borders remain closed, the intakes will be available for both online and on-campus tuition. Online classes will be taught in the afternoon New Zealand time to accommodate for the time difference with the countries where our overseas students are based.

Upon joining our programme, students will be given access to Blackboard Learn, our main Learning Management System. This is an online space where students can access learning materials, group communication, timetables, instructions for Flexible Learning, grades, and Zoom classroom links. Blackboard is also used for assessments, discussion forums, student journals and blogs, and more.

 A web and app-based teaching and learning tool through which students can engage with lesson content in an interactive way.

Digital platform that allows teachers to create comprehensive lessons including all Web 2.0 technologies. Nearpod lessons include tools like collaborative whiteboards, interactive activities, drawing and voice recording functions, and more. Students access the lessons by visiting the website and typing in a unique code given to them by their teacher.

Video discussion platform that mimics social media style of interaction. In UPEFS, it is used to enable students to record and post videos of themselves practising their oral English skills. Flipgrid tasks are fun, engaging, relevant and appropriate for our students’ age groups.  

Sample timetable for on-campus delivery:

Sample timetable for online delivery:



Effective from 6 July 2020, we will be changing from weekly intakes of students to block intakes. Each block, called cycle, will be 12 weeks in duration. 

Cycle 1 11 January
Cycle 2 12 April
Cycle 3 5 July
Cycle 4 27 September
Students who join the programme late in the cycle (after Week 3) will need to purchase a full block of study to ensure the best level of English language and academic skills preparation for their next course.


DurationFees (NZD)
Block Course (12 weeks*)Tuition fee – 3,500
Resource fee – 350**
Additional weeks 390 per week

*Full-time hours – 24 hours per week

**A one-time resource fee will be charged to cover all standard resources, including textbooks (paper-based or online), exercise books and access to all Blackboard Learning Management System learning resources. An iPad and education apps, including Microsoft Office 265, will be provided to students for the duration of their course at no cost.

Additional intakes

We intend to move to the block structure as soon as possible but, due to current circumstances with borders being closed, in Cycle 3 (2020), we will accept new students on the following dates:

  • 6th, 13th and 20th July – 20 July is the latest arrival date for the cycle.

  • 3rd, 17th, and 31st August – we will encourage students to join every second week, as each unit of work lasts 2 weeks

The same logic will apply until further notice, where student may start every second week, but the block discounted price will only apply to students who choose the full block and arrive before the latest arrival date.

Students who enrol for longer than one block of study can start on any of the offered dates. However, students who are scheduled to progress to Foundation after the English programme must start as early as possible (the latest start date is 20 July).



UP International College welcomes students from 13 years of age and older for English studies. 

It’s simple – send in your application online and get guidance through each step of the process. Once it has been received, our admissions staff will get in touch to help you through the enrolment process.

Still have questions? Email our Admissions Team or get in touch with your Regional Representative

Fees & documents

After we have received an application, we may ask for more information or documentation. Once we have everything we need, we’ll send a letter of offer along with a schedule of fees. Once an offer is accepted and the fees are paid, we’ll send a confirmation letter.

Visa & travel essentials

Once a confirmation letter is received, students can apply for a visa and arrange insurance. We will need the student’s flight details so that we can welcome them at the airport, arrange for an airport transfer, and organise accommodation if needed.

Visit us

UP International English studies are taught at the UP International College campus at 345 Queen Street, Auckland. We can offer you one on one support with the admissions process.


Location & Facilities

UP International College has excellent facilities and is located in the heart of central Auckland.

Conveniently located in Auckland’s CBD, UP International College is close to public transport and plenty of accommodation options. Being in the city centre means there’s always something for students to do outside of class – relax in Albert Park, visit Aotea Square, Youthtown or the Town Hall, or take a look at the numerous art galleries and performing arts centres in the local area. UP International College is also near the University of Auckland, AUT, Yoobee Colleges and New Zealand School of Tourism.

The campus is fully equipped with modern air-conditioned classrooms, a student common room, a library and a cafeteria serving espresso coffee, fresh food and drinks. Our computer laboratories are available for independent study from 8:30am to 5:00pm, and all computers have email and internet access.

Contact us

345 Queen St
Auckland, New Zealand

Postal address
PO Box 78-359
Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245

T +64 9 307 5399
F +64 9 377 7125


Level 3, West wing
Wellington Railway Station
2 Bunny St
Wellington 6011, New Zealand

T +64 4 9795566

From 11:59pm on 2 November, Auckland, the Northwest Waikato (including Hamilton), and the Upper Northland are at Alert Level 3. Students will continue their studies online. For certain courses, onsite learning will resume under strict Level 3 guidelines. You will be notified if this applies to you. The rest of New Zealand remains at Alert Level 2. For regular Alert Level updates, visit the Unite Against COVID-19 website.