Welcome to our
online pathway programmes

Our online delivery of the UTAS International Pathway College programmes is fully endorsed by the University of Tasmania, and gives you the same academic and English skills as our in-class experience, enabling you to progress on to the university without having to delay your study plans.

University of Tasmania CRICOS Provider Code 00586B

Getting set up with our online delivery is easy and provides you with 24/7 access to the perfect learning environment for study at home. We use a digital learning platform called ‘MyLO’ as the basis or our teaching, which means all resources are available in one place.

The only difference is you will simply be connecting from home rather than at our International Pathway College on campus, so the quality of your study is not compromised!

Already have your offer, but can’t travel?

Don’t worry! You can continue to study your programme to the exact same timeframe, transitioning to the University of Tasmania as planned, (pending issuance of your Confirmation of Enrolment or CoE). You do not need a Student Visa before commencing online study at home. However, when the border re-opens, you will need to have your Student Visa to travel to Australia and continue study on campus, and going through the CoE checks before enrolling online will ensure that you are one step closer to this.

Haven’t applied yet?

No problem! Enrol in one of our programmes here and make the most of your time while waiting to travel, so you can progress on to the university as planned, without losing any time.

Upcoming intake dates are July and November.

You are in good hands. UP Education in partnership with the University of Tasmania, is a leading provider of university pathway programmes, and our highly experienced, qualified teachers have already been successfully delivering online for our February intake students.

Your online study will be accepted* for progression into the University of Tasmania as planned, regardless of whether you study partially or entirely online. That way when borders re-open, you can easily transfer to the campus at UTAS International Pathway College or the university.

(*Upon meeting all criteria.)


Amanda Henry
Head of UTAS International Pathways College

Welcome to our online pathway programmes and your bright future!

Amanda began teaching in 2010, having graduated from Massey University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary).

Amanda’s early teaching years were spent in Northland, New Zealand, teaching Geography and as a Dean for over 250 students.

After some extensive travel around Europe and the Middle East with her partner and family, Amanda returned to Auckland in 2014, where she was appointed to a teaching and a Dean’s role at UP International College. During this time, Amanda was appointed Education Counsellor, with her focus being to educate students on future pathways beyond the campus.

In 2018, Amanda was approached and appointed to the newly created role of Head of College for the University of Tasmania International Pathway College. This was the first partnership for UP Education in Australia. Amanda currently oversees the Foundation, International First Year Diploma and Pre-Master’s programmes which offer international students a pathway into University of Tasmania undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Enrol with UTAS International Pathway College online now, for the skills, support and encouragement to prepare for your future study in Australia.

Why online works

Our online delivery works well!

No need to waste a moment. Our online delivery is a full and enjoyable learning experience which allows you to make the most of your time at home. Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence for university and your future – we are here to support you.

UTAS International Pathway College’s online delivery is a rich learning environment where you will have easy access to all the expertise, guidance, tools and resources you need:

Fully endorsed

Your progression to university can continue as planned

Online teaching and learning

Delivered through the proven, purpose-designed platform MyLO.

Qualified teachers

Extensive experience in helping international students prepare for university study

Set expectations

Helping to ensure you stay on track


Perfect for reviewing and developing skills and understanding


Revised timetables and fun initiatives to help you adapt to at-home study.

Classroom like environment

You will be fully supported just as if you were in a normal classroom


Additional learning material to enable home experiments for units such as Physics in the Foundation Studies Programme and units within the First Year International Diploma of Engineering

Superior student support and welfare

Here at UTAS IPC your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.

We use WeChat for a range of purposes, including support and care.
We will always use it to stay in touch with you and you can use it to contact your teachers or our caring Student Support Administrator, Aneta Bielowiezec. Aneta provides academic and student support to all students within the College and is available via WeChat, email and web conferencing. Aneta goes above and beyond to ensure your journey within the College is successful and memorable.

Also, all teaching staff have dedicated student support hours in addition to their teaching hours. This is so you can ask for additional academic or general student-related support from someone who you already know.


You can also use WeChat to get in touch with other students where you can support each other or keep in contact with your new friends from all over the world. All WeChat is conducted in English so that no students are excluded. Plus, you get the opportunity to practice your English!

Student Support

  • Teachers are assigned small groups of students, to provide you each with additional individual support and for you to be able to contact when you require.
  • The last 10 minutes of each online lesson is set aside to allow time for all students within the unit to talk with the teacher.
  • There is a dedicated course and university web page here which provides important information and further student support around COVID-19.
  • We also have a dedicated support for all IT issues, which can be accessed online or via phone.
We are here to help you. We have made our online class sizes smaller so that you have plenty of access to your teacher each day.

How our online delivery works

You are not alone. Using our four modes of delivery, you will enjoy real-time interaction with your teachers as we take you through your learning process. You can discuss tasks, ask questions and solve problems – all live!
Live MyLO web conferencing video-tutorial

Teacher meets live with small groups of students using MyLO web conferencing for 15-20 minutes each, guiding them through the tasks for the week ahead


Student works through assigned tasks via MyLO, completing set pre-learning to prepare for video-class

Live MyLO web conferencing video-class (full class)

Teacher meets live with all students using MyLO web conferencing to work together through tasks in an interactive Q&A style

Self-directed study
Students work on broader learning tasks, e.g. reviewing recorded video, making notes, reading text, undertaking assignments

Our digital platforms

We use several digital platforms to deliver our programmes online and to ensure that you have the most effective and intuitive learning experience.


MyLO is the main state-of-the-art digital platform we use, where you can access the pages of each individual unit. Each MyLO unit provides access to the curriculum, resources, teaching announcements, discussion boards, assessments and submission tools, and the unit’s web conferencing tool with recordings of each lesson. By having 24/7 access through MyLO to everything for your unit, you can keep up with your study at your own pace.

Web conferencing is available within each individual MyLO unit and is an easy to use, effective tool for live online lessons. The web conferencing tool forms the backbone of your online study. Here, your teachers will interact directly with you by taking you through challenging problems, explaining concepts in detail and setting tasks for you to do either by yourself or in a small group.

You can use this tool to practice your listening and speaking skills – especially when you use web conferencing to give a live presentation!

Kahoot and Quizlet

Kahoot and Quizlet is another main platform we use to provide short (5-10 minutes) game-based quizzes and learning, as a part of lessons.

Curriculum and study tips


  • A specific online orientation session has been designed for you by the Student Support Administrator and teaching staff. This will set out clear guidelines about how to study online and what support and resources you will receive.
  • All students will be introduced to MyLO. This is where we will provide clear instructions and links to any other platforms.

The teaching programme remains the same, there are no changes to the programme dates, duration of the course, assessment items, content or quality of learning. 

Lessons in the morning, then study in the afternoon to suit you!


  • The majority of MyLO web conferencing lessons are held between 1pm and 5pm (1300 to 1700 hrs) Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday (real-time mornings in CST). It is expected that you attend these lessons.
  • Actual lesson times with the teacher will vary depending on your timetable for the units you are studying.
  • You will be notified about your schedule when you begin your programme.
  • You will also be required to do additional self-directed study outside of these allocated online hours.
  • For example, within the Foundation Programme there is 7 hours of learning per unit and 4 units per week. So this will mean roughly 4 hours of streamed lessons time and 3 hours of self-directed study time per unit, per week.


  • Attendance for all streamed lessons is compulsory. Both teaching staff and the Student Support Administrator monitor class attendance and MyLO interaction and then contact students who are not attending and/or engaging online.
  • High attendance and performance is required for your online study to be validated by the University of Tasmania, TEQSA and the Department of Home Affairs Australia for on-campus study in Australia.


  • All formative and formal assessments will be delivered and submitted within the individual MyLO units.
  • Formal assessments have been designed for online delivery. Depending on the unit, examples may include submission of an essay or report using Turnitin software, MyLO quizzes that are submitted each week to test and check understanding, or live oral presentations which are recorded within the web conferencing tool.
  • To understand assessment requirements you can refer to each unit’s individual outline (available in the MyLO unit).


  • All instruction will be in English
  • Timetables will include approximately four hours of streamed lessons and four hours of self-directed study per day, Monday to Friday.
  • All classes are a maximum of 28 students.
  • All assignments, information and self-directed study and homework will be provided securely and submitted privately between student-and-teacher, via MyLO.
  • Web conferenced lessons will also be recorded, so that you can watch from home for revision purposes or if you miss a class due to illness or other valid reasons and then submit the coursework as usual.
  • Note that MyLO will still record whether you have viewed the lesson, and this will count towards your attendance. Submission of coursework would be expected as normal.
It is not only study online – expect guest appearances, surprises, and of course some fun, too!

How will your timetable look?

This will be outlined in a timetable personalised for you.

Here are some sample timetables including the four different modes of delivery:

Foundation Studies Programme
English One

Foundation Mathematics

Business Stream

Physical Science and Life Science Stream


Arts, Law and Life Science Stream

Marketing Design and Strategy


Arts, Business and Law Stream

Mathematics with Calculus


Physical Science and Life Science Stream

First Year International Diploma of Engineering
English for Academic Purposes

Mathematics 1A

Conceptual Design and Communication
Engineering Statics


Please note there are x6 compulsory practicals that are required to be completed face to face in an Engineering Workshop. More information about scheduling will be advised at a later date.

Pre-Masters Preparation Programme
Academic Skills and Communication

Intercultural Skills and Communication

Critical Thinking for Postgraduate Studies
English for Postgraduate Studies
International Graduate Certificate of Business
Financial Reporting and Analysis

Corporate Sustainability

Fundamentals of Management
Foundations of Marketing

Pathway Programmes available
through UTAS IPC online:

  • Foundation Studies Programme – Standard
  • Foundation Studies Programme – Fast-track
  • International First Year Diploma – Business
  • International First Year Diploma – Science
  • International First Year Diploma – Engineering
  • Graduate Certificate in Business
  • Pre-master’s Preparation 

Students study four units per semester in all programmes but your specific units will vary depending on your programme and/or degree-streams. 

Click here to find your chosen programme and then click to find out more specific unit information.

For example, if you are studying in the Foundation Studies Programme and your future undergraduate degree is Arts, you would study in the Arts stream with your elective being Psychology and Marketing Design and Strategy. For a Business degree, you will study Microeconomics and Marketing Design and Strategy.

How to succeed with UTAS International Pathway College’s online delivery

We understand the challenges of study and we’re here to help you through them.

Following these simple guidelines and tips will help you to manage your study and lead you to your best possible outcome:

  • Be organised – carefully read your programme and unit outlines then put the important dates for assignments in your diary
  • Create yourself a study plan for the term, highlighting when you need to produce key assignments and other work – and stick to it!
  • Learn how to access MyLO: where your teacher will post announcements, where to find instructions and any information relevant to your learning
  • Use the forums in MyLO to ask questions or have discussions
  • Quickly ask for help if you don’t understand anything. Your teacher will be here to help you and can further explain your task or direct you to the right information
  • Be active and attend every live MyLO web conferencing lesson – we will be monitoring your MyLO attendance, how much time you have spent logged into MyLO, and how many posts and contributions you make in the forums.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, we cannot accept late starts for online study as the main reason that we normally show some flexibility here is due to visa and travel delays which do not apply to online study.

You can use either Apple or Windows for your online studies. We have tested both and are confident that there will be minimal problems regardless of the equipment or systems that you are operating at home. We intend to use Collaborate which has video and sound capabilities, so if you don’t have a webcam, sound (microphone) will work fine.  
Yes, classes are compulsory, as you will be commencing your course online, and will be expected to attend in that same way as you would be if you were physically in class in Australia. We expect 90% attendance.

Students study a total of four units per semester. There are a combination of compulsory and elective units depending on the chosen programme.

For more information about the units for your chosen programme, please click  here

No, failed units will not appear on your transcript.

The University of Tasmania International Pathway College staff have been preparing for online delivery for the past few months and are skilled and experienced in this mode of educational delivery.

Yes, you will have assignments as normal just like if you were physically in Australia, these will be submitted through MyLO and outlined in the unit outlines which are accessible through MyLO. 

Students can access their own attendance via MyLO and if issues arise, teaching staff and the Colleges Student Support Administrator will contact the student and parent (where appropriate).

The same teachers that are teaching the students in Australia will be delivering the online modules, depending on availability of individual teachers.

In the case of commencement of studies by remote learning, we require you to have been issued your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) – although this means that you need to prepare further in advance for your remote learning studies, it will reduce the risk of a visa rejection. In order to ensure that you have the best chance of obtaining your visa quickly once you commence, we expect students to submit their visa application within the first week of commencement.

However, we acknowledge that even once we have issued the CoE, there is still a small possibility that some students may have their visas refused, in which case, we will provide a full refund of the course fees whether you have already studied part of your course or not.

The majority of live streamed lessons will be delivered between 1300 and 1700 AEST, and it is expected that you attend these lessons. Live streamed lessons will also be recorded, so that you can watch from home for revision purposes or if you miss a class due to illness or other valid reasons.

We have no reason to think that you will fall behind, as you will be studying at the same pace as your classmates in Australia. However, we will run additional tutorial classes, provide extra exam preparation and revision and we will have welfare staff available who will be dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for you once you arrive in Australia.

We are considering some alternatives to the IELTS test given the current circumstances, please see the information below:




First Year Diploma & Graduate Certificate

IELTS Indicator




TOEFL iBT Home Edition




Duolingo (for China)*




Cambridge Linguaskill*




Password test*




*Will be re-tested upon commencement with ELC to ensure right level


IELTS (Academic)IELTS IndicatorTOEFL iBT Home EditionPassword TestDuolingo (China only)Cambridge Linguaskill
Overall 5.5 (no band less than 5.0)Overall 5.5 (no band less than 5.0)Overall 46-59 (no band less than 10)Password 5.5Overalll 85-90Overall 160-179 (no band less than 140-159)
Overall 6.0 (no band less than 5.0)Overall 6.0 (no band less than 5.0)Overall 60-78 (no band less than 10)Password 6.0Overall 95-100Overall 160-179 (no band less than 140-159)
Overall 6.0 (no band less than 5.5)Overall 6.0 (no band less than 5.5)Overall 60-78 (no band below: Reading 10; Listening 9; Speaking 16; Writing 19)N/AN/AN/A



We are considering acceptance of alternatives here as well, please contact admission team for further information. Admission email: international.admissions@utas.edu.au

Orientation will be held from 4 to 6 November.  However, students who accept their place early may start their orientation from 1 October instead to ensure the best possible start to their online studies. A separate email will be sent out explaining all the details.

MyLO is the main state-of-the-art digital platform we use, where you can access the pages of each individual unit. Students use the web conferencing tool, available within each individual MyLO unit, to join the online lecture component.

Yes, please pay ONLY the tuition fee and Overseas Student Health Cover as indicated on the offer letter in order to commence online study.

Payment should not be made until you have accepted your Letter of Offer online.

Course Deposit:                            AU$10,200*
Total Commencement Fee:        AU$10,200

* If permitted under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, students may choose to pay additional tuition fees prior to commencing their course.

We understand that from time to time students may be unwell and unable to attend class. We do still require 90% attendance, and a doctor’s note for any absences over 2 days, although we may be able to make exceptions under special circumstances given the current situation. This will be outlined during the orientation session.

Generally, your units are determined based on your progression choice.

For more information about the units for your chosen programme, please click  here

The unit teachers will be your main source of contact but you are welcome to contact us through email.  

During 1pm – 5pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), you will join your allocated streamed classes via web conferencing on MyLO. You will also be required to do additional independent study outside of these allocated hours. You can find a sample timetable here.

We have selected platforms that we are confident will operate in all regions, so this should not be a problem for you. If you experience any technical problems, you can :

All students will be able to commence their learning online. If you experience difficulties with accessing the online course material, you have some different options around deferral, depending on when you decide to do so.

  • A: If you choose to defer before course commencement, we will transfer your offer, CoE and any fees paid to the next available intake.
  • B: If you choose to defer after course commencement, you must do so before the census date (30th of November). We will transfer your enrolment, CoE and any fees paid to the next available intake.
  • C: If you choose to defer after commencement and after the census date, you can do so, but you will incur the cost of the tuition fee for the first semester of your course.

Please note that changing to a future intake may mean that your whole study plan is pushed back, you must advise by the census date if you wish to withdraw and defer to a future intake. To do so, you must notify the Student Support Administrator and the Admissions team: international.admissions@utas.edu.au

As soon as we are confident that the borders will re-open, we will work towards welcoming students to Australia. We will teach out the semester that you are studying online, so that all students can join face to face at the beginning of the following semester together.

Note that there is likely to be a delay with visa processing due to the backlog. Our goal is that there will be enough time for students to obtain visas for the following semester’s intake. However, we will commit toproviding online learning for as long as required while students wait for visas to be processed.

We understand that this is new and that you may not have studied online before, but we would recommend that you try and see if it is for you so that you can stay on track. For now, this option is the best way to progress you to the next stage of study in Feb 2021. If this changes in any way, we will of course keep you updated. 

The scholarship you receive for the November intake can be deferred to S1 2021.

No, as long as you have received your Confirmation of Enrolment, you can enrol into the programme and commence online learning. The Australian Government has recommenced granting student visas in all locations lodged outside Australia. This will ensure that when borders re-open, students will immediately be able to make travel arrangements. As such, we expect students to submit their visa application within the first week of commencement at the latest, but welcome students to do so prior to starting if you are in a position to do so.

Please be aware that due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the University of Tasmania is temporarily delivering its courses online, until the University deems it is best to revert back to on-campus delivery, in accordance with Australian Government guidelines.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in Australia has announced some significant changes:

  • International students will be able to lodge a further student visa application free of charge, if they are unable to complete their studies within their original visa validity due to COVID-19.
  • Student visa holders studying online outside Australia due to COVID-19 will be able to use that study to count towards the Australian study requirement for a post-study work visa.
  • Graduates who held a student visa will be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa outside Australia if they are unable to return due to COVID-19.
  • Additional time will be given for applicants to provide English language results where COVID-19 has disrupted access to these services.


You can find more information from the DHA here.

If there is anything that you’d like to discuss, please contact International.Pathway@utas.edu.au


Key contacts

Enrolled students:

All enquiries to International.Pathway@utas.edu.au

As a part of your orientation, we will introduce you to Aneta Bielowiezec, the Student Support Administrator. Aneta is available to help you with any support you may require during your studies.

Future students:

Apply now! Talk to your local education pathway counsellor, email our Regional Manager, or apply online here.

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